02 Blazer L33 Swap by cadivette

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02 Blazer L33 Swap

Compliments of cadivette @ s10forum.com


I don't post on here much but I spend quite a bit of time reading and studying.
This is my 5th S series so I'm not new to them.

Now finally I'll be swapping in an LSX into my 2002 Blazer that I bought almost 2 years ago.

Picked up an L33 complete with ECM, harness, and accessories for $600. Bought some Racing innovations stainless headers, LS1 intake, H3 pan kit, Holley 20-135 accessory bracket and parts to freshen up the engine. I have a lot of parts that haven't arrived yet, holiday shipping is slow.

For the build I have some of the stock parts from my 05 CTS-V that I sold. 243 heads, LS6 cam, and a few other goodies.

This will be my DD, so nothing too crazy.

I'll be doing all of the engine work, building the harness, and setting up everything before I pull the stock setup apart. I should be ready to tear the truck down around February.

Anyhow, here's a link to the start of the build.



No kidding on the deal, that's why I scooped it up. It was really nasty and carboned up inside, but the wearable parts were good as new. Lot's of degreaser, time, and elbow grease.
I'm not using the truck accessories, but I made a little $$ selling them to buy the Holley set up.


More progress as parts are showing up everyday.

I was ready to load up the block and take it to the machine shop to install the cam bearings then I came across a used universal installer on ebay for $99 with free shipping. Couldn't pass it up, so now I can install them whenever I build engines. Aside from actual machine work I can now do all of my own engine work. Call me simple, but that's exciting to me....

Anyhow here is a list of the progress

The short block is done
-new rings gapped to .022
-new Clevite rod and main bearings
-new Durabond cam bearings
-LS6 cam installed
-timing chain and damper installed
-front and rear covers with new seals installed
-windage tray, pickup tube, and oil pan installed
-Old stock CTS-V front pulley installed

Still left...
-Assemble the heads (243 castings left from CTSV)
-Install heads, sensors, valley cover, valve covers
-figure out A/C set up and fit (not sure yet which direction I'm going with this yet)
-purchase mounts (CPW poly)
-purchase fuel pressure regulator and fittings
-rework the L33 wiring harness (fun, fun, fun...... )
-purchase a couple of mufflers

The list is getting shorter. I would imagine by the middle of February I'll be driving this thing with a smile on my face. It's been two years next month since I've had anything with some power under the hood, looking forward to this.

Updated slide show....