Another YJ Build......GenRight Style by caddyman

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Another YJ Build......GenRight Style 

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This is my story and I'm sticking too it.

Here are a few picture when I got started.

Sorry, I guess I should explain better.

SOA is coming off, it's been good for me for the last couple of years but now it's time for something better.

Front will be stretched forward 2" and have GenRight's 3 link set up with King coilover's and King air bump stops.

PSC Extreme hydro assist kit with high steer arms, Reid flat top knuckles, and GenRight's cross over steering.

Rear is going to be stretched backward's 6" and have GenRight's Double Triangulated rear 4 link set up, King coilovers, King air bump stops and GenRight's Crawler gas tank. I made a new custom full belly skid.

Also have to buy new Rocker guards and rear corner guards because of the stretch.

Few more......


Lots of details wow!

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