My 93 2.5 low output build by zte87

By diyauto
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it feels great in town and on the trails but the hwy not so much....... 5 gear is only good for down hill hauls, and I cant believe how much easier so of the bad rock sections are with the 37 I did't really try the real narly stuff (rocks) with the 35s so I cant compare the 35s to the 37s but I would deff go with 37s again in a heart beat! :2thumbsup:


Missed a couple, but yeah it's looks a lot different now thanks guys!


Not much for a up date but tonight I dragged it out of its hole to wash it and re adjust the spare tire, now it's no sitting crooked haha!


Had a blast today, I how ever snapped my lf main leaf on my spring :/. Lucky for my parents (dry garage/tools) leave so close to the orv park and I also had the extra good main leaf out of the last spring I broke sitting around. My wife ran home and grab it and I went to work piecing it back together!