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NJ "WHS 67"

Compliments of alexib71 @ thelincolnforum.net


OK. I have started my restoration project. I will post lots of photos. Short history on the "WHS 67" - It lived with my wife's grandfather for the last 45 years. After his passing last March the car was up for auction as part of his estate and we were fortunate to be able to buy the car (sorry to the guy from Michigan who wanted to buy the car).

So I had the opportunity to work on the car yesterday.

I put a new 27F size battery it fits properly.  

It needed antifreeze.  

Wanted to start the car and did not know when was the last time the car was started? Put some starting fluid in the carburetor. WHS 67 started in the first try  Yes I was SHOCK.

After getting lucky with the running car, decided to see if our luck would hold and see if we could get the top to work?  

Hit the switch and the trunk started to open and it went all the way back but then the top moved a little but then it stopped! After going back to the blog (Thank you for your help The Lincoln Forum.net) I found a post about adding fluid to the pump. So after taking my 3rd trip to Auto Zone, I returned with some ATF for my hydraulic pump. After topping off the pump with ATF, the top worked but then I got it stuck on the ceiling of the carport!  

Then I got the top unstuck from the ceiling (it hit me in the head hard on the way down)  but the trunk did not go back down. I was stuck with the top down and the trunk up and it wasn't doing anything. I was not having a good time. After 2 hours of working on it and not being able to put the trunk down, I decided to put the wheels back on the car, get the car off the jack stands, drive the car out of the carport and do a full cycle of the top, oh yes- I don't have brakes on the car because I don't know what Pop did with the rear drum brakes? but it was my last option. IT WORKED.... The last photos are of my kids in the car. They love the 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible. Oh yes "WHS 67" (Walter Henry Smith 67) are what the tags read for the last 45 years. Pop was a retired Fire Chief in West Orange, NJ.

Next steps for now:

Work on getting the windows to work,

adapting rear disk brakes.

After searching and searching I found some brakes. I am moving away from the rear drum brakes and will be retrofitting disk brakes from a 1979 Lincoln Continental. Will keep you posted I do hope to have all my part by next week and on the car by next weekend.