Austin Mini Mk1 850 Super by JC T ONE

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Austin Mini Mk1 850 Super

Compliments of JC T ONE @


Hi Austin owners,

I have bought a "new" project.

This time its a little 850 Super.

Here is the info i had, after I send the cars chassi no to our registrar.


"My records confirm it as Fiesta yellow. It would have been built very early November 1961 and was the seventh built for export to Sweden.
It is the second earliest Austin Super on my records, and being only a few numbers away from the chassis number of my car,
would have been built in the same batch - sisters!!
Also, It is a Cowley built car, one of the first Austins to be built at the Morris factory".

end of quot.

Here are some pictures of the numbers tagged to the floors.

LH floor =

RH floor

She is rusty, but the vital plates with numbers have survived in ok condition.

Here she is as she looked when just pushed out of the barn/storage.

She is wearing some awesome stickers, one is "stop/ban all distressing cartests - Car front" another say "without the car - Sweden stop,s "

After I got her home we removed the small brass screw in the water pump, and spray lots of WD40 in.

We also removed the spark plugs, and sprayed the cylenders with even more WD40, and then selected 4th gear, and pushed her back & forth a few times.  

Here is a link for more info = 

More to come