Zax Bugeye "Shaggin' wagon" Build thread by zax

By diyauto
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Just built a serial logging cable for stand-alone logging my AEM WBO2 with my Tactrix. Anxious to try it out! 


For some reason my AFR has shifted -9% across the board. Very strange. IATs are similar as is ECTs. It shouldn't happen


Update: To get this fueling ironed out, I ordered ID1000cc injectors.

Hopefully if all goes well I should have the car re-tuned in a few months 


Well, an update. Apparently a sticky injector solenoid was responsible for all my fueling issues over the last 2 years. The ID1000s are incredible. Idle well with great electrical headroom. I get a bit more wandering idle than stock injectors, but what can I expect from injectors 2.5x the size of the stockers in addition to the MAF hack?