Zax Bugeye "Shaggin' wagon" Build thread by zax

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I had to clean her up before she sits for 1.5 weeks 

BTW, that's our Mazdaspeed3 in the background of the pics

Well, I finished my drivers' side injector install this evening. This wasn't the first time that I have worked on my car at night, but it was a little intimidating considering what people "say" about injector installation. I started at 9:40 PM, so it was already dark when I started the install.

Intercooler, battery, and washer fluid reservoir out (routine for me):

DS GBOD and cylinder head vent:

You have to unplug the DS TGV in order to get the GBOD out:

GBOD and cylinder head vent out!!

Stock Injectors are now visible:

Removing the bolts on the fuel rail:

Injectors are out!!

DW 750cc Injectors are in 

I finished the install at approx. 10:45 P.M., so the installation wasn't as bad as I expected!

The GBOD and stock injectors: