Building the 7A-FE, Lots of pics!!!!!!! by Smaay

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Building the 7A-FE, Lots of pics!!!!!!!

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Well i rebuilt Eryn's ST last weekend. I took as many pictures as I could

Here is the block, all pretty and blue

The underside of the block and where the main bearings are installed

These are the main bearings, old on the left and new on the right. make sure you use the same size and plastigauge to double check clearances

Main bearing installed

Plastigauge on the main journals, do this on every journal

Install Main caps in order, look at the number and arrow is pointing to #1 Torque to 44lbs

remove caps and check clearances. .0015" clearance is good!

Remove crank and clean off plastigauge, apply assembly lube generously

Lay crank back on bearings and apply more lube

More lube on main cap bearing, my daddy always says, you can never have too much lube 

rod cap, make sure you line them up and install the correct cap on the rod

This is the wrong match you want an M not a goofy looking triangle like this

More lube on the rod bearing

Using a spring compressor, install the piston and rod assembly

make sure you install the correct piston according to the mark on the block. This is actually wrong. #1 piston in a #2 spot. you can see the marks on the block in the circle

Piston installed (wrong one...oops)

Take one of the old rings and break it, use this piece to clean the gunk out of the ring lands

Top of dirty piston, i didnt get a pic of it after i cleaned it

Marks on the block to identify piston size

Another shot of the wrong cap and rod together Do not do this!

Crap collected in ring lands, look at the oil ring, this is why you burn oil, the ring is too gunked up to expand

Cleaned out piston


Great build!

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