UPDATE: 5.5agze 20v coming Spring 2015 by gaijin_rokurunner

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UPDATE: 5.5agze 20v coming Spring 2015

Compliments of gaijin_rokurunner @ club4ag.com


Sucks we cant recover all those post and all that information from the last website..so here it goes again the short short version of my engine and car build!

Spec list of car:

1985 (zenki) GTS coupe

Zenki Trueno rear and front bumper with zenki lip

Greddy Coilovers 

Greddy RCAs

FC3S big caliper and rotor upgrade

Goodline Steel braided brake/clutch lines front and back

S2000 gauge cluster conversion

Saftety 21 7 point roll bar

Bride Zeta 3 drivers bucket seat

JDM Apex OEM passeger seat, Apex (kouki black and grey here in the states) front and rear door panels and rear seat

Omori vacuum, oil temp, oil pressure, volts,10000 rpm and water temp gauges

Brake booster stopper

Battery relocate to the rear

NAMs Shakkito plates

Revolver rear strut brace

JDM OEM side skirts

JDM OEM Coupe wing

JDM TRD Coupe wing (second trunk lid for race days)

JDM Zenki Smoked tail lights

TRD 1.5 way LSD with 4.77 R/P

Kouki Axels diff completely rebuilt 

Hot Staff traction brackets

Battle version 50-50 4 link and pan hard rod

Cusco front and rear sway bars

Cusco Front pyro ball tension rods and brackets

Quaife Manuel quick-steer column upgrade (2.5 lock to lock turn)

Ueo Style inner tie rods 

T3 outer tie rod ends, control arms and steering knuckles 

LEEN 6 speed J160 transmission with short shifter, TRD engine mount and TRD GT86 shift knob

Custom one piece Carbon fiber drive shaft

Sabelt 5 point seat belts passenger/driver side

Hiyashi Street 15x9 0 offset knockoffs

Bomex power aero mirrors 

OEM metal window visors

OEM rear window shades

HKS Oil filter relocation setup

Kyoto Auto fog lights

Earls 13 row Oil cooler with check valve and oil temp thermostat

Mekaru Japan cold air induction box

Custom cold air intake headlight mod

Saikou Michi duel intake oil catch can 

20 valve engine specs:

Blacktop 20v 

HKS Stroker crank

TRD Formula Atlantic rods rebushed for 20mm pins

Custom 12.1:1 83mm CP pistons with Swain ceramic and friction treatment 

Tomei Ladder caps

Ported head and shaved head (12.6:1 final C/R)

DLC coated valve buckets

TODA R 300 duration cams 10.7mm lift WPC treated (modified spark plug tubes so cam lobes can clear)

Custom Ferrea valves, valve springs, retainers, locks and valve spring seats

Formula Atlantic spec 3 angle valve job

SP-TEC rwd water flow setup

Custom windage tray with teflon crank scraper

Custom 6qt oil pan with trap door system to prevent oil starvation

Silvertop ported oil pump with TODA oil pump gear and HKS oil pressure increase spring kit

Custom de-burred,polished (inside) and cemented block 

2NZ COP conversion

TODA cam gears

Power enterprise AE111 timing belt

Adaptronic stand alone ECU with custom harness

Innovate wide band O2 sensor

1JZ 380cc injectors

SQ Engineering 20mm velocity stacks with custom Mekaru plenum (street setup)

SQ Engineering 100 mm velocity stacks with custom piper-cross filter (track setup)

Swain treated King race main and rod bearings

DLC coated piston rings

Engine prepped, assembled and tuned by Quicksilver race engines Frederick Maryland

Well the ribs in the block act as partitions...and the main caps assist as well although there is space around the ends of the caps for turbulence to pass thru its very minimal and not an issue....I have a custom oil catch can that pulls blow by and windage from two places the head thru the pcv area which i modified and fitted a 10an fitting at...and crank case thru a port on the top of my oil pan so the energy doesnt have to be squeezed thru my piston rings to exit the head. Its a vent to the atmosphere setup so theres no recycled crap going back into my engine

20v power.....powered by Orion's Demise!

Think i have a better one but this is what i can find now

Engine is all broken in and when we started the power tuning one of the injectors started taking a dump on us making one of the cylinder EGT temps higher then the other 3 so we moved the injectors around and another cylinder started to lean out...final decision shut down source new injectors or send the ones i have out for servicing...Im using 1jz 380cc injectors in the engine....AEM O2 sensor was acting up as well so i swapped to an innovate wide band that plugs right into my ecu no wiring sooooooooo once the injectors come back we will start up again...also waiting for my ecu maker to update the firmware for my setup so i can tune each cylinder individually like the formula atlantic engines are... I will have 4 separate maps, one per cylinder above 4000 rpm for a crisper running engine the current firmware didn't allow individual cylinder injector tuning..update will unlock that for me...keep u posted

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A lot of detail!

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