custom ask sport wide body by marley4us

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custom ask sport widebody

Compliments of marley4us @


well I thought I would make a build thread for the new widebody im working on.

It will consist of:

stage21 front fenders

AskSport widebody rear fenders, cut/modified and molded to the car

ask sport CF trunk

Border CF hood

Greddy lip

Greddy modded sideskirts

CF vent extensions

i figure I can post pics of the process.

I picked up the kit, not knowing what type of widebody it was.

there are some ruff spots ill need to work out, but its getting molded so im not too concerned.

a few test fittings of the rear.

I hope I can keep my greddy wing on it, not sure how it will look as of now...

Side vents are gonna be cut down so the greddy sides are seen. I'm thinking of cutting it down at the bodyline... not 100% sure yet.

some front shots

Been debating on how to paint the CF hood, either the whole thing or just part of it.

Im still not sure if I wanna keep the side of the ASK Sport rear, or completely cut them off...


rear shots

still no trunk yet, but I am starting to get the idea if what it will look like.

you can see how much higher the Ask Sport sides are, it looks funny with out the trunk on.

I think I might be able to keep the wing!!! yay

well I'm not trying to be rude, but I am sure not building the car for You, so no I'm not returning them lol.

Constructive criticism is always welcome, but comments about just put a stock spoiler and lip on... common I am not sheep in the herd. lets try to be creative and different. plus all these mods allow me to go wider with rubber and are replacements FG parts lightening up the car quit a bit.

more pics soon to come with more updates.

butt shots

#1 paint scheme, paint the hood all but the edges.



CF trunk came in!!!

fitment shots

Spoiler shots, not sure if it will work, or if I like how it fits with the widebody yet.. I need some day shots outside.