1995 Supra NA to TT(aristo) then T swap, 4l80e and more by Dljohns6

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1995 Supra NA to TT(aristo) then T swap, 4l80e and more

Compliments of Dljohns6 @ www.supraforums.com

Description - Bought the car from Tampa Feb.08 Needing paint and still does but after boost ...(More below)





2yrs and 10months of "Is it turbo?" "why did you buy an NA?" "When are you going to buy a turbo?" "NA & Auto!" has got me to this point, other than the fact I never had plans of keeping it NA ... 

Anyone know where to get that little hose that crosses over the spark plugs that connects the valve covers?



MTR's TTC secret sauce mods .... pics http://www.supraforums.com/forum/sho...t=secret+sauce

How to make a a340 last (HAS ANYONE SHIMMED AN ARISTO TRANNY?) .... http://www.supraforums.com/forum/sho...cooler+install

PI 3200 stall Converter

ANY POINTERS, SUGGESTIONS PLEASE POST .... NO "you should do a 5spd 6spd swap though" thanks

little progression photos for dash

Back to the engine

Pulled trans and TC

switched the connections to the drive shaft from aristo(right) to sc400(left), also pulled off the cooler lines

UPDATE : discovered a crack in my valve cover and have yet to get my crank bolt off (so if you have the (sst) tool please let me borrow it) gotta install timing belt and water pump (Courtesy of Curt at Elmhurst)

Pulled harness

pulled valve covers intake side had a crack 

Some of my buddy Matt's work

So after many FAILed attempts to remove the crank bolt, I've bought the tool for the job from here (http://www.etooldirect.com/catalogse...q=schley+64300) for $55.94 shipped after using the $10 off coupon 'super' or 'TJS' .... let you guys know how it goes once its here ...

Update(pics later): One twisted small breaker bar drive, one 150 ft.lb torque wrench ratcheting mechanism failure, 4ft pipe over 25" breaker bar and three ppl trying their hearts out the crank bolt broke free ...... Priceless ... Big thanks to levirolla an Joe, they fought right along with me

The sonafabitchshitcuntfucker crank bolt

pulled belt started unbolting H20 pump

pulled idler pulley

Water pump gone

Old pump

This was a bit of a bitch to pull out

New H2O pump on and idler pulley (guess its tight enough as I couldn't see a way to tighten it, the idler pulley that is)

Timing belt and tensioner back on

Pulled AC compressor

AC compressor


Powder Done by Smart Tek in Greensboro Braided lines Done by Alliance in Greensboro 

GREAT people at both Establishments 

Small up date day ended bad this time

Started with some goods from Aaron at driftmotion (How do you get the alternator pulley off?)

Started good with ttc mod accessed butterfly

Unscrewed butterfly, with magnet just in case a screw or bit got away

butter fly gone and reinstall

It was when I went to put the drive belt tensioner on that $H!7 happened, the bolt just snapped pretty sure the other 2 were the same and torqued to the same spec.

Til Next week

Update just waiting on Harness and rear sump oil pan ... QUESTION: what are you guys plugging up the second hole on the tt water pump with or how to cap it off?(I believe it turned out to be a "weep" hole or unused still capped it though no fluid)

So the day started well ... but of course this is My luck we're talking about

Had the rear sump pan tapped 

Dr.tweak worked his magic

Took off frnt sump pan

Shimmed accumulators


Great detail so far!

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Very exciting read. What's happening with that Supra. You dodging the finish? Lol

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