94 Acura NSX

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By stevegolf
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Vehicle: Acura - NSX Gen1
Engine: 3.2L C32B V6

Got a 94' Acura NSX in June of 2015. Has over 160k miles on it. Fun car, drove it home to Detroit from Virginia which was a blast. The seats were recovered in leather a couple months before I bought it.

I've had the timing belt done, new ignition coils, came with an aftermarket exhaust, installed a b-line tuning intake.



Posted by miatamatt on 1/2/17 @ 10:12:58 PM

This car rocks! Such a cool design and sweet sound, you know you're driving something special. Love it!!

Posted by Diggymart on 8/3/16 @ 3:43:54 PM

This is a fun one :)

Posted by diyauto on 8/3/16 @ 9:57:32 AM