Engine compartment "Refresh" by CougaDan70

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Engine compartment "Refresh"

Compliments of CougaDan70 @ http://classiccougarcommunity.com


Hi Community!
Guess what, I finally found time to work on my sweet Cat Yeah! But I am starting so late that I probably won't do half of my wish list... so the first (and may be only) thing that I am going to do this winter is to refresh the engine compartment. I will not call this a restoration since engine will stay in, however I intend to improve quite a bit the way it looks.
I started with the underside of the hood: it was pretty dirty, contaminated with black oversparays (I guess from the mat first resto) and started to rust a little near the nose and locking pin.
1) I removed the mat (was able to save the fasteners that I could successfully remove using a pair of long nose plier as recommended earlier by BossElim69 thks), dedusted with vaccum cleaner, repaired the sections where it had started to tear (with black felt) and repainted with flat black engine paint.
2) I disassembled the nose, grill and lock bar; then I sanded each part, ground rust spots down to white metal, degreased, primed with anti-rust paint, smoothened with 400 grit, repainted (2 coats) and applied 2 layers of carbo wax.
3) I feel like I was very lucky that a very good color match paint was available from the shelf (CBFM0382 Medium Blue Met).
4) I obtained this way a finish that is kind of "similar" the underside of the trunk (that is original).

Nose repainted