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Ok, so I just wanted to post up a few videos for everyone to see.
Rather than reposting them here, here is a link to my Street Racing Thread. ;-)
The car is running good now (on the street) But still needs some more tuning and suspensiontweeks before it can run a good ET at the track. We are currently having issues that only occur on the track and hope to have them all lined out before the end of the season.

Here's the Link.


My ERL 447 CID NA Build - Street Racing Vids


Well I finally got the Transmission tuning finished up on the car now.
And started having Idle issues. Turns out My Wideband Bung Blew out taking threads with it and the O2 Sensor is going Crazy. Gonna fix that this weekend.
Also, The car started doing some crazy Backfiring and dying **** again. Turns out the ARP Cam Bolts had started backing out of the cam.
Thank God I had the Cam sensor in the front timing cove bc it started setting a cam sensor code and I replaced the cam sensor and thats when I found the cam gear was hitting the cam sensor and causing it to lose signal. Thus causing the backfiring and dying issues. So I tore the front of the engine down and fixed the problem and now it is running great again. I'll tell you "Loctite" is your friend.

I have plans on getting to the track and tuner 1 more time before the end of the year. Wishe me Luck. :-)
Hopefully there are no more issues before I put the car up for Winter.

I will post more info on the car and update this thread some more very soon.



Went to the Track last night to get in some more test passes. First Pass was my Best.
I was leaving very easy just to get use to how the car liked to leave, and be sure it wasn't having anymore issues on the big end. It ended up having another issue on my last pass. Cam sensor issue - AGAIN. Grrr

But still Very Pleased with how well it ran considering I was leaving Very Soft.

New PB is...

10.555 at 128 mph with a 1.47 60'
Managed to pull both wheels about a foot off the ground on my second pass, but the camera was pointed down the track and therefore didn't catch my launch.
But I was Racing the RPM Transmissions Shop Car - White 5th Gen Camaro, So I was ok with that. lol I seriously " Love " That Camaro.

Here is a compilation Video of My test passes for the day!!!


Yeah I Am Very Pleased with the car as it sits right now!
I am just gonna add a few gauges, the new hood I have for it needs painted and installed, and then just gonna finish working out all the minor bugs with the car and then I will be hitting the track alot more often next year and hopefully get the car as close to a 9 second pass as I possibly can.
I have been contemplating on pulling some more weight out of the car and seeing if I can get it into the 9's for sure. I know the car probably has it in it now, But if I cut more weight it would be easier to achieve.

Other than that I don't really have any more plans right now. I just want a 9 second NA pass.

And I wish you luck with yours as well. lmk what it runs when you do get some track time in.


Update. Will be removing the front and rear crash support stuff and door bars and relocating the battery to the rear of the car as well. Gonna try to lighten it up just a little bit more. I'll post pics later on as I actually do work on the car.

Hoping to get it all 100% before the TX2K13 Event.


I did actually end up keeping the hood. Just got it installed and painted last month. Along with some more Racestar wheels. This time I went with the Racestar Darkstars bc the polished wheels were too hard to keep clean. And the wheels bolted right on with Zero fitment issues.

I had made some passes in the car last year and with all of the transmission issues and tuning issues I was not very pleased....

I since then have had the car retuned by James Short at ShorTuning and it was the first WOT blast on the dyno that discovered the engine was making too much power for the converter and was blowing thru it.

James made a couple of test passes at the track to datalog it, and found it was seeing as much as 20% converter slippage. with the converter slippage it still managed to put down 472 rwhp and 500 ft lbs trq thru his dyno. he said his dyno reads about 10% lower than a Dyno Jet. I think his is a Dyno Dynamics!!!
Anyways, the car ran a 10.44 @126 1.36 60' and backed it up with a 10.46 @ 127 1.38 60'
Not to mention the car runs a lot better around town than with the previous tune. I immediately pulled the transmission when I picked the car up I had it inspected at RPM and had them order me a new converter that was spec'd out for my setup.
I installed the new converter and trans Thursday Night and took it to Muncie Dragway on Friday night to make some test passes with it.
The track wasn't hooking well at all. But I got some decent runs in.

1st pass was...
10.50 @ 129.9 mph 1.45 60'

2nd pass was...
10.87 @ 129.8 mph 1.66 60'

3rd pass was...
10.62 @ 130.35 mph 1.61 60'

And on my last pass I decided to enter the Fastest Street Car Challenge and I was the last person in Line to make a pass....

I left off idle and just matted the gas and the car ran a...

10.48 @ 129 1.46 60' and I pulled around to the trailer only to hear my Car Number being called over the PA System to come and grab the $100.00 I won for Fastest Street Car for that night. I beat the guy who had ran in front of me by .03 of a second. lol
I had NO CLUE what any of the other cars had ran.... I was just having fun. lol

Here was a Video from last years Track Day in case anyone missed it....

Here is a pass from inside the car while James Short was data logging it.
It pulls the front wheels about a foot to a foot and a half depending on the launch. And it carries them til the 2nd gear shift.!untitl...c60z/image24gk!untitl.../c60z/image7na!untitl...c60z/image1meh!untitl...c60z/image22g9!untitl.../c60z/image8vz!untitl.../c60z/imagebgt!untitl...c60z/image1xni

Stage 9 Does all of my photos and videos.... feel free to check them out and LIKE them on Facebook.
And not to mention what better way to monitor my progress since I don't post up as much as I use too...