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The BMW wagon.

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stevegolf, Thank you. I found an HID kit, depo lens covers and I have a set of angel eyes. I will try that route before I consider dropping dollars. Mine has the M5 front. Hope to pull and pay a M5 rear.

Posted by FL2002 on 1/10/17 @ 10:39:04 AM

Picking up my 528i Touring in 30 minutes. Really got a lot out of your DIY. Thanks. Are those headlights Depo?

Posted by FL2002 on 1/7/17 @ 5:52:40 PM

Awesome! They are great cars! They are depo headlights. The angel eyes aren't the best but they look good. There are kits you can buy to improve the angel eyes.

Posted by stevegolf on 1/7/17 @ 6:57:09 PM

You gotta sell this beast

Posted by stevegolf on 8/3/16 @ 3:33:25 AM

Good job!

Posted by stevegolf on 12/13/16 @ 4:59:46 AM